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1℃ 단위 미세 조절

The CERAGEM compact was designed to mobilize the 2 external projectors
(3-Sphere and 9-Sphere) to be used anywhere.
The CERAGEM compact has a carrying case with storage space for the 2
projectors. Its small and lightweight design makes storage and portability easy.

1℃ 단위 미세 조절

The user can easily follow the pre-set thermal massage programs by following
the front display panel and buzzer which instructs you on how to apply
CERAGEM Pressure at specific points and time.
The CERAGEM compact displays many features such as the projector
temperature settings, the current temperature settings and the time settings.
This small product comes with many of the convenient features of the automatic
thermal massager.

1℃ 단위 미세 조절

With the ability to use both the 3-sphere and 9-sphere projectors,
the CERAGEM compact can be accessed by multiple users such as couples,
families, and friends. You can also use both projectors on multiple parts of
your body for the ultimate CERAGEM experience.


A thermal massager relieves the muscle main by providing a certain amount of heat to the human body.
A doctor’s prescription and instruction are needed for use.
(This product is a “medical device.” Please read “Caution” and “Instruction” carefully before use.)

구성 및 사양

Model No. CGM P390 Product Description Portable Thermal Massager
Voltage 220V-240V~, 50/60Hz Power Consumption Max 65W
Adjustable Temperature 30℃ ~ 60℃ Product Dimension 435mm x 214mm x 170mm
Product Weight 5.7kg


사용방법 선택 제품설치 리모콘 구성 및 사용방법 모드별 사용방법 제품 이동방법

Download the manual for the whole contents. 사용설명서 다운로드