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The contemporary ergonomic design revolutionized the previous mind set of stiff design in the medical products.
The Ceragem Master M3500 offers superior quality with exceptional comfort pleasing to complement the interior
design of any home.

  • Comfortable Remote Control Cradle

    This product comes with a multi-functioning remote control and a convenient remote control
    cradle. The remote control cradle rotates 360° and allows the user to control the product with maximum ease.

  • Multi-Functioning Remote Control

    The new remote control now has the ability to control the external projector,
    making all projectors operable with a single remote control.

1℃ 단위 미세 조절

The ergonomically designed guiding rail is attached to the horizontal mobile parts
of the bed. This enables the internal projector to move along the user`s back line
and allows the acupressure effect on the lower and upper back to be enhanced.


The Ceragem Master M3500 upgraded the level of the thermal massager with its streamlined design for comfortable use and
high-quality exterior. It applied a simple and soft curved frame matching with the streamlined main mat.
The Ceragem Master M3500 will fit beautifully into any interior space of the home.

  • Durable and Luxurious Lining

    The product lining is made with the same special materials used for seat upholstery in deluxe automobiles.
    The material is made by the sponge foaming method and is highly durable over time.

  • Epoxy Carbon Panel

    In addition to the far-infrared rays generated by the rolling jades, the Company has developed the Epoxy
    Carbon Panel that is built into the main body and the supplementary mat, maximizing the effect of far infrared
    rays on the back line and the lower body.

  • Burn-Prevention Program

    The safety feature has a Burn-Prevention Program that is considered to be cutting-edge technology.
    With so many groundbreaking feature, the CERAGEM Thermal Massager is setting a new standards
    in the automatic thermal massager and healthcare industry.


A thermal massager relieves the muscle main by providing a certain amount of heat to the human body.
(This product is a “medical device.” Please read “Caution” and “Instruction” carefully before use.)

구성 및 사양

01 External Projector(9-sphere, 3-sphere)

Used for various body areas, including the abdominal cavity and the arms, which the far-infrared rays cannot reach when the users lie on their backs. Use simultaneously with the automatic massage and/or individual application methods with one or two users.

Use the external projector with the projector cover on.

03 Remote Control

All parts can be remote controlled except for the temperature adjustment of the Epoxy Carbon Panel.

05 Internal Projector

Moves along the natural back line.

07 Main Mat

09 Protective Cover

Covers are detachable for laundry.

11 Projector and Remote Control Connector

It connects the 3-sphere and the 9-sphere projectors, as well as the remotecontrol.

02 Terminal Connector (220-240V~)

04 Supplementary Mat Plug-In

Brings power to the Epoxy Carbon Panel inside the
supplementary mat.

06 Supplementary Mat

08 Frame

10 Remote Control Cradle

It holds the remote control in place for the user`s convenience.

12 Temperature Control for the Epoxy Carbon Panel

Controls the temperature of the Epoxy Carbon Panel in the main and supplementary mats.

Model No. CGM-M3500 Product Description Automatic Thermal Massager
Item Approval No. 00-542 Manufacturing Approval No. 697
Weight and Measurement
(Including the weight
of package and accessories)
Main Mat : 28Kg / 1205mm X 640mm X 145mm
Supplementary Mat : 10Kg / 770mm X 540mm X 133mm
Frame : 23Kg / 1935mm X 632mm X 505mm
Voltage AC220V, 60Hz
Power Consumption 280W Purpose to Use To relieve the pain