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Ceragem R&D Center was established in 2001to enhance the technology of the thermal massager. Since then, Ceragem R&D Center has been focusing on the research and development of home medical devices such as an automatic thermal massager based on the ergonomic design. People’s interest in the way of “How to live long and healthy” is being highly increased as much as they enjoy the benefit of the material wealth. The R&D Center is concentrating its energy on the research and development for people to practice their healthcare at home and make it a part of the life.

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세라젬의 경쟁력은 기술개발

Ceragem has concentrated on the research and development to attain a unique technology for a competitive advantage and created a new market. Ceragem, as a leading company in the thermal massager industry in Korea, has been recognized for new technology and the world best product domestically and internationally. Especially, Ceragem R&D Center has been taking a core role in creating a new market with a competitive advantage through the continuous technology innovation since its establishment on July 19, 2000.

Ceragem R&D Center has carried out the technology development to grow as a general medical equipment venture company. It started from a venture company when appointed by the Small and Medium Business Administration (April 25, 2000) before the establishment of the R&D center. Later the development laboratory was certified as a company affiliated research center on September 25, 2001. The name was changed back to Ceragem R&D Center on May 12, 2005. Ceragem R&D Center was located in Gangnam-gu, Nonhyun-dong, Seoul when established and relocated to Cheonan-si where the headquarter and the factory are located.

The new relocation allowed an instant solution of the product problem by connecting to a production line and an advantage for the development of new product. Currently, the R&D center was expanded and relocated to Jeongchon-ri, Seongeo-eup, Cheonan-si near the headquarter in March 2009. Ceragem has been concentrating on increasing the investment to R&D by allocating 2 billion won (1.8 million U.S. dollars) every year to attain competitive advantage. In addition, Ceragem is expanding the scale of the R&D center by recruiting outstanding researchers for new product development. Ceragem has been performing a diverse technical corporation such as a technology exchange and the collaboration of research projects with universities and research institutes.

Ceragem R&D Center obtained UL certification.

UL korea
(Underwriters Laboratories)

Ceragem R&D Center was certified as UL WTDP(Witness Test Data Program) and CB-TMP (Testing on Manufacturers Premises) laboratory by UL Korea (Underwriters Laboratories Inc.) for the first time in the thermal massager industry in Korea in 2009. Ceragem R&D Center is qualified to obtain the certifications of UL and CB/CE for the medicinal equipment (UL/IEC/EN60601-1) developed and manufactured in Ceragem based on the data performed in the internal laboratory by using the testing equipment with the attendance of the observer.

Ceragem R&D Center passed the strict screening of UL Korea on the each item such as facility, manpower and manual in obtaining the qualification. Passing the UL Korea’s evaluation means that UL Korea officially certified the facilities and the testing equipment of Ceragem R&D Center and the researcher as the same level of the UL Lab.This outcome is the result of that Ceragem has been putting a continuous investment and interest in the R&D field.